Simulated leadership exercises produce excellent learning results

Simulated exercises for the management of exceptional and crisis situations are engaging and trigger a real pressure among the participants to solve the situation. Due to the lifelike experience they offer, simulated exercises produce better learning results than traditional methods.


Leadership exercises carried out using the Trasim training simulator allow the participants to really immerse themselves in the situation. In Trasim exercises the progress of situations feels very lifelike and motivating for the participants. Simulation of an organization’s internal and external communication plays a key role and it utilizes illustrative media and social media entries that are edited based on the participants’ actions. The participants’ decisions and actions may affect how the situation develops. Press releases and decisions are made just like it was a real-life situation. Trasim exercises can also be enlivened and illustrated with 3D animations to depict accidents and crisis situations.

A Trasim exercise gives a concrete indication of possible problems in an organization’s instructions, approaches or effectiveness of crisis team collaboration. As the exercises can be modified and repeated cost-effectively, the changes made to the guidelines or practices after the first exercise can be easily tested.

Everyone taking part in the exercise does not have to be physically present in the training location as they can also take part on a computer via the Internet. This is convenient when carrying out, for example, extensive regional emergency exercises. The training simulator is easy to use and the participants do not have to undergo user training. Insta’s experts will tailor the training contents and simulation process to meet the needs and competence level of the group taking part in the training. Trasim exercises are typically led by the customer and facilitated by Insta. Organizations that do a lot of training can also utilize the simulator independently.


A 3D training environment facilitated by Insta enables you to carry out leadership / table top exercises virtually and in real time so that the participants’ decisions have an immediate impact on the progress of the training scenario. The visual aspects and effectiveness of exercises carried out in a 3D training environment reach a whole new level in comparison with traditional exercises that rely on paper and PowerPoint slides. 3D training environments can be utilized, for example, in emergency exercises. In addition, a facilitated 3D training environment can be combined with a Trasim exercise, thus creating a versatile simulation solution that enables training in situational leadership in connection with rescue operations as well as internal and external communication and reputation management.

“In comparison with a traditional table top exercise, it included a surprising human component.”
“I was able to immerse myself in the situations in a whole new way thanks to the virtual nature of the exercise.”
– Participants’ comments on safety authorities’ collaborative exercise (2012)

“This kind of exercise is very important in terms of our learning.”
“Until now we have had to produce the environments and they have not been even close to being this visual.”
“The repeatability of the exercise and the real situational picture make the exercise meaningful.”
– Participants’ comments on disaster training at Viinikka rail yard (2013)

What are simulated leadership exercises suitable for?

Situations in which leadership exercises have proven effective include various types of training in crisis and exceptional situations required by legislation or good governance as well as team training after an organizational change and preparation for new identified challenges. Trasim exercises are suitable for practicing a variety of leadership situations.

Aspects to practice include:

  • leading an organization’s crisis management (incl. reputation management)
  • testing and practicing crisis management and crisis communication guidelines
  • forming of situational picture
  • internal and external communication
  • collaboration within organizations and beyond organizational borders
  • cyber security contingencies

In our experience, these exercises are very effective. We have years of experience in facilitating and leading situational and crisis exercises in many different industries. We can promise that the goals set for the exercise will be met.

Our exercises have been utilized by businesses (e.g. industry, finance, trade and logistics), educational institutions, authorities as well as various types of networks such as industrial parks and the National Emergency Supply Organization pools. Our exercise concepts are also suitable for city and municipal leaders’ training. See our references »

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