Insta Group – Worth Your Trust

Insta Group helps its customers ensure and develop the performance of their operations. We supply and maintain defence, security, automation and information technologies for demanding environments.
Leading know-how and in-depth partnership.

Insta Group has been a strong partner for many businesses for over four decades. We started with industrial automation and the installation of instrumentation equipment, and during the past decades have grown into a leading high-tech company, still in family ownership.

Our customers come from a variety of fields: the process industry, the power industry, the defense industry, public transportation, public administration, municipal water works, as well as material handling and security-oriented organisations.

We have been worth our customers’ trust since 1960.
Insta Group:

  • Net sales about € 102 million in 2015
  • Personnel about 800
  • Locations in Finland: Tampere, Vantaa, Muurame, Oulu, Harjavalta, Pori, Porkoo, Kuopio, Varkaus and Imatra